4 Benefits Of Having Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Mon Mar 6, 2023

Coconut water is very beneficial when you are pregnant. Even doctors recommend it to pregnant women. 

One of the major reasons is that it has several health benefits, especially for pregnant women, in addition to being very tasty. Which is why we are here with some of the benefits of the same.

1) Keeps You Hydrated

When it comes to hydration, nothing can match the effectiveness of plain old water, but coconut water isn't far behind. Coconut water is a delicious way to meet the 8 glasses of water per day guideline while pregnant.

Coconut water is the ideal beverage for expectant mothers since it contains approximately 95% pure water coupled with the benefits of coconut.

2) Helps In Digestive Issues

Although how wonderful and attractive pregnancy may be, the damage it causes to your digestive system is no laughing matter. Pregnancy symptoms include morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, constipation, and acid reflux are common.

Digestion problems may benefit greatly from coconut water treatment. It calms the stomach and lessens acid production. If you suffer from morning sickness in the first trimester, using coconut water can help you feel better by reducing your nausea.

3) Nutrients

A lot of the wonderful nutrients that you and your baby need are found in coconut water. magnesium, potassium, and calcium are all abundant in it. Magnesium can boost a baby's birth weight, while calcium is great for the development of their teeth and bones. Because of this, coconut water is a great option for improving maternal and fetal health. 

4) Maintains Blood Pressure

Coconut water is extremely beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Women who are expecting and frequently experience high blood pressure may want to try putting coconut water in their diet. Its potassium content can control blood pressure and flow through the body.

Doctors frequently advise pregnant women to drink extra coconut water since high blood pressure is a prevalent concern among pregnant women.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, MBBS, DCH, PGDUS, PGPN
He is a Pediatrician and Neonatologist with passion of teaching on pregnancy diet and nutrition, scientific womb talk trainer, and baby brain development trainer.

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