How Does Fetal Develop Over Time

Tue Sep 20, 2022

The fetus can change often throughout the course of pregnancy. The time span is divided into three distinct stages, known as trimesters. Each trimester is comprised of with a duration of around 3 months. Your physician will speak to you about your the development of your baby by weeks. If you're 3 months pregnant is around 12 weeks.

You'll notice certain changes in the fetus as well as yourself, throughout every trimester.

We typically believe that a pregnancy is an eight-month period. But this isn't always the situation. Full-term pregnancy can last for 40 weeks, which is more than 280 days. It is contingent on the months you are expecting (some are shorter, while others are longer) and the week in which the baby is born, you may be expecting for 9 months or even 10 months. This is perfectly regular and is healthy.

As you approach the time when you're about to end the pregnancy process, you will encounter many types of names that you may encounter when going into labor. These categories divide the final couple of weeks of your pregnancy. They also help to check at certain issues among newborns. Baby's born during the early term stage or earlier may be at an increased risk of having breathing, hearing or learning problems than babies born just a few weeks later within the full-term time frame.

When looking through the labels, it's crucial to understand the format they're written. There's a chance that you'll be able to see that the weeks first (38) and then notice 2 numbers that are separated by an slash (6/7). This indicates how many days you are currently within the week that is gestational. Therefore, if you see 38 6/7 it signifies that you are in the 6th day from Your 38th Week.

The final days of the pregnancy can be split into three categories:

  • The early term 37 0/7 weeks to 38 6/7 week.
  • Full-time 39 weeks 7/7 weeks to 40 6/7 weeks.
  • Later term 41 0/7 week until 31 6/7 week.
  • Post-term 42 weeks and beyond.

Speak to your healthcare professional regarding any concerns you might be asking about the gestational period and due date.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, MBBS, DCH, PGDUS, PGPN
He is a Pediatrician and Neonatologist with passion of teaching on pregnancy diet and nutrition, scientific womb talk trainer, and baby brain development trainer.

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