Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

Sat Mar 18, 2023

One of the most common symptom that every pregnant woman experiences is stomach pain. These pains can frequently be a source of worry because it can be very challenging to determine if they are simply typical pregnancy aches or something to be concerned about.

It is crucial to understand the difference between normal pregnancy aches and those that require rapid medical attention.

Pregnant Stomach Pain That Isn't Dangerous

1) Ligament Pains

A woman typically complains of having severe stomach cramps in the first few months of pregnancy. These so-called "ligament pains" develop as a result of the ligament stretching to support the expanding bulge. These discomforts, which are also known as "growing pains," are quite typical in the first trimester of pregnancy.

2) Gas and Constipation

A pregnant woman's body produces more of the hormone progesterone throughout pregnancy. Many stomach-related conditions, including flatulence, gas, and constipation, are brought on as a result. Abdominal pain could be a symptom of many conditions. However, there is no need for concern. They are entirely organic.

3) Pain Associated with Infant Movements

The baby is constantly moving inside the uterus during the months of pregnancy. Also, many times throughout pregnancy, these movements are so quick that a sudden stomach ache results. Yet, this discomfort is a sign that the child growing inside of you is completely healthy, so take heart.

4) Misleading Labor Pain

Sometimes a woman experiences false labor pains before she should actually go into labor. Often, this occurs in the final trimester of pregnancy. The uterus is getting ready to give birth, and the stomach's receptors are growing, which is why this is happening. Although not very severe, these symptoms resemble labor pains. They arrive for a bit and then leave on their own. Other names for them are Braxton Hicks Contractions.

5) The actual pain of labor

These painful symptoms, which last for nine months, are exceedingly severe. Labor begins at the waist and moves rhythmically toward the abdomen, escalating in frequency, intensity, and duration with time. The stomach also alternately becomes hard and soft in a regular manner throughout labor. These are, of course, normal, and they cause the baby to be born.

Together with the aforementioned pregnancy discomforts, back pain is another common complaint among pregnant women. Back pain can be readily alleviated with frequent yoga and prenatal exercise. Which we have disucssed in our previous posts. Feel free to check them out for the same.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, MBBS, DCH, PGDUS, PGPN
He is a Pediatrician and Neonatologist with passion of teaching on pregnancy diet and nutrition, scientific womb talk trainer, and baby brain development trainer.

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