Which Is The Best Month To Start Garbh Sanskar

Wed Feb 22, 2023

Well the most simplest answer to this would be to start practicing Garbh Sanskar as soon as you get to know you are pregnant. In addition, if for any reason you were unable to begin Garbh Sanskar from the beginning, just do so right now! Beginning the Garbh Sanskar throughout any month of pregnancy is possible.

As Garbh Sanskar is beneficial for both mother and child, making pregnancy for the mother a happy, healthy, and positive time in her life.

So Which Month To Start

First Trimester (Month 1 - Month 3)

You learn that you are pregnant for the first time at this point. The worst pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, exhaustion, mood swings, food sensitivity, breast changes, and many others, hit you at this time.

The fetus is most vulnerable during this time. As the fetus first starts to form in the first trimester, this is when miscarriages seem to happen most frequently. To ensure that the child in your womb enjoys a healthy life throughout this time, it is crucial for you to be joyful and worry-free.

When you perform Garbh Sanskar in the first trimester, you'll feel serene and at ease. You can deal with the signs of pregnancy with its assistance. You will be closely mentored and directed through this highly perilous period by the team of Good Wish Kids Care.

Second Trimester (Month 4 - Month 6)

The best part of your pregnancy is right now. The majority of your pregnancy symptoms will have subsided by then, and you'll be sporting that wonderful glow that's frequently referenced in popular culture. The unborn child will also begin to grow quickly.

The baby's hearing will have fully matured during these three months, enabling him to respond to external stimulation. At this point, the child's education via Garbh Sanskar starts. Your current responsibility is to serve as the child's learning tool.

Listening to specially designed Garbh Sanskar music and mantras by the Good Wish Kids Care team to teach your child good morals and virtues. The infant enjoys hearing sounds made outside of the womb. Although they might not understand the meaning, the various rhythms and sounds will excite and improve their language and listening abilities.

Third Trimester (Month 7 - Month 9)

The fetus is prepared for birth at this time. Your infant puts on weight and begins to gain body fat. During this time, the brain also develops quickly, and they have sharp vision and hearing. Also, they will respond to sounds, lights, and touch from the environment.

Garbh Sanskar during this time will help the baby become more accustomed to the outside world, which they will soon enter. He will become more intellectual later in life as a result of this laying the groundwork for his brain development.

Infants whose mothers practiced Garbh Sanskar were found to mature more quickly than other kids. Further to improving their memory and grasping abilities, kids also learn to speak and walk more quickly. With the help of Garbh Sanskar, your child will advance in development. In general, it is best to excite the baby as much as possible.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, MBBS, DCH, PGDUS, PGPN
He is a Pediatrician and Neonatologist with passion of teaching on pregnancy diet and nutrition, scientific womb talk trainer, and baby brain development trainer.

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